Live or Let Live

We created different types of Sultania Gift Cards.You can take “Sultania Gift Card” just for yourself or you can give as a gift to someone special.They will smile when they get it.They will smile even more when they use it.

The only thing that you need to do just choosing one options which is below…

Our Gift Cards

  • You can use one year after you take the gift card
  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail after you take the gift card
  • We will give %10 discount if you take two cards at the same time.If it is Money Card ,we will add
  • %10 money to your card.

Traditional Turkish Dinner

Traditional Lentil Soup
İstanbul Meze Plater
"Mantı" (Turkish Ravioli...


45 Euro


Romantic Dinner

Onion Soup
Sultans Meze Platter
Anatolian Vegetarian Crepes...


79 Euro


Sultania Special Dinner

Traditional Lentil Soup
Sultans Meze Platter
Piruhi (Palace Recipes Like...


35 Euro